• 共にオーストラリア出身であるアンドリュー・キッドマン(シェイパー/フィルムメーカー)とエリス・エリクソン(サーファー/シェイパー)が、サーフボードデザインに多大な影響を与えたジョージ・グリノーの革新的なボードデザインを模索する様子を綴ったムービーとブックのプロジェクト。日本語字幕入り、S.F.P. オリジナルステッカー付。100ページ 52分。アートワークはバリー・マッギー。

  • ON THE EDGE OF A DREAM By Andrew Kidman & Ellis Ericson.
    100 page hardbound book with 52 min Film DVD featuring the modern evolution of George Greenough’s Edge Boards.
    Titling and artwork by Barry McGee and art direction by James Newitt.
    Special S.F.P. original sticker as added bonus.

    For the past five years Ellis Ericson and Andrew Kidman have been working with George Greenough on the modern evolution of his Edge Board design. 

    Ericson and Kidman are both shapers; the book and film charts their journey as they work with Greenough to personalise their own equipment with a design George has been toying around with since the late ‘60s. 

    Shot in Australia on the North Coast of New South Wales it features the original venues Lennox Head and Angourie where Greenough’s innovative Edge designs were tested in the early ‘70s.